OWASP Juice Shop

In this article I would like to briefly introduce the OWASP Juice Shop - a great way for both inexperienced and experienced developers to learn about common security vulnerabilities in applications.

Introduction of an information security management system (ISMS)

TRIOLOGY underwent the TISAX assessment in the first quarter of 2021. Our ISMS (Information Security Management System) was assessed by Dekra to determine whether it meets the security level of the target maturity level “high” and whether we thus fulfill the industry-wide uniform security standards.

ITSM – reaching the goal with lean processes

ITSM (IT Service Management) is intended to help achieve a structured and uniform way of working through processes to prevent each employee working differently and the quality of the work being different. In addition, processes are to reduce the workload of the employees.

The target groups of Code

Anyone trying to sell services or products must know before the first meeting with potential customers to whom they are to be delivered. Entire departments in companies are involved in researching suitable target groups in order to align their advertising campaigns, product presentation and much more in the best possible way. They try to answer the question: “What kind of people are they with whom I want to have business relations? The simplest result of a programmer’s work is the produced code, which implements the desired requirements as exactly as possible. This code is usually also delivered to the client. Usually this is done in the form of text files that can be read on any computer, even on smartphones, without special software. However, this is not “good night reading” – not even for a developer. A proverb says: “Code should be executed, not read, otherwise it is useless! That is quickly said. But is it true? So the next question is: “What target groups actually exist for code?