Digital onboarding in the pandemic

Or to put it another way, it’s not where you welcome someone, but HOW you do it.

A warm welcome!

The first days in a new company are particularly exciting, formative and give a foretaste of the future cooperation. This is exactly why it has always been important to us at TRIOLOGY to design a structured, but individual onboarding process (see also the blog article from Melanie).

Our mentoring program

Even or especially during the pandemic, we pay a lot of attention to the implementation of our onboarding process. In the first few weeks, you will be exposed to a wide range of influences, topics, structures and our habits. That’s why we provide you with a mentor who serves as a central contact person, who understands you and can answer your questions. Of course, the entire team will also be happy to help you. Nevertheless, a fixed “point of contact” reduces the inhibition threshold and accelerates the “feeling of arriving”, especially if not all employees currently work at one location.

The culture of communication

Your department head will also welcome you in an initial interview and inform you about the special features at TRIOLOGY. But we don’t want to leave it at that: In regular meetings, we exchange ideas and learn from the open feedback we give each other in these rounds. It is important for us to find out whether you like TRIOLOGY and whether you feel that you are being taken care of. It is also important for us to get to know who you are in “real” life and how you are coping with the situation. We will also clarify whether you need support in organizing your mobile work.

Technical start and office use

Extraordinary times require creative and prudent approaches. For this reason, we organize the technical training remotely via secure tools, if possible. In order to be able to implement mobile working, every employee is of course equipped with the necessary technical equipment. Our onboarding process takes this into account in advance, so that from a technical point of view it is possible to start quickly. In addition, onboarding can be carried out on the premises and in compliance with our stable hygiene and protection concept. The mentor organizes the right interaction at this point.

The togetherness for “in between”

Sure, meeting in the coffee kitchen and the short “hello, nice to meet you” that comes with it is largely absent at the moment, but we have created alternatives to this. Joint digital lunches, random coffee dates, departmental as well as company events are part of our daily routine and provide the space and time to get to know each other better.
No matter where onboarding takes place, in the end only one thing matters to us: we want you to feel welcome and become a part of our team.
Wondering if we’ve been able to do that over the past few months? Let’s hear what Lisa, who started with us in May 2020, has to say about it. 🙂

I would say that worked out pretty well. 🙂 Already a few weeks before I started at TRIOLOGY, I had a phone call with my department manager Sabrina, who presented me the planning for my first weeks. I was a little nervous – a new job is always exciting anyway, but a new job while the whole world, months before, had been turned upside down by a virus? I wonder how that would go down.
Any excitement was taken away as I was greeted with another newcomer to the office, shown through the Trio rooms, and finally brought to my new workstation. Provided with all the necessary technical equipment and access, I was virtually ready to work right away. Marvin (system administrator of TRIOLOGY) helped me to set up the devices.

The first four weeks were planned for familiarization, and after an initial flood of information and doubts as to whether I would ever be able to manage everything like my predecessor Nathalie, each day became a little easier and it went by more smoothly. My mentor Nathalie and I met two days a week in the office and the other days I worked in my home office. The physical separation was not a hurdle during the training period. On the contrary – we were able to look over each other’s shoulders via screen presentations and complete activities together. I was not only grateful for my constant contact person Nathalie, but also for the regular exchange meetings with Sabrina, in which we could discuss current topics.

Since the majority of colleagues were in the home office, introductions to other TRIO departments took place via teams. I took part in “Mystery Coffee” and met up with colleagues from time to time for virtual coffee. As part of an online exit game, we spent time together virtually in a small team setting.


Not everything will always go smoothly, and things can sometimes get a little bumpy in the process. But whether it’s onboarding directly at the site or digitally, every team member is important to us and we want you to feel welcome in our team from the very first minute.

Sabrina Keller
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+49 531 23528-19
Sabrina manages our IT Project Business Services department. With her team she optimizes for and with our customers their processes as a managed service and also supports them in successful project execution.

Lisa Marie Kleist
IT-Project Business Services
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+49. 531. 2 35 28-19