ITIL- und ISO27001- Further training in times of Corona

Before the pandemic, people were used to travel to the training location to participate. Now, however, during the pandemic, things are a little different. Many companies now offer their training online.

ITILv4 Innovations

So it came about that a few weeks ago I took part in the ITIL4 Bridge as well as the ISO27001 training from home. The advantage of this was that there was no driving time, so I was able to dial in relaxed at the beginning without stress. The training sessions themselves were very interesting and I was able to learn, among other things, what has changed since ITILv3 in the new version 4.

For example, the 4-dimension model has been introduced, whereas the service lifecycle is no longer mentioned. The new service value system (the further development of the service lifecycle), with its service value chain as a central element, once again brings the aspect of value creation more clearly into focus from the point of view of holism. Important concepts are the “added value” for the customer as well as the “results” that the customer can expect; they are therefore taken up throughout all the structures described. There is also less talk of “processes” than of “practices”, although many practices resemble ITILv3 processes. Also new are the references to how ITILv4 can be combined with other methods such as Lean, Agile, DevOps and Collaboration.


The ISO27001 training also gave me even more detailed insights into the topic of IT security. Against the backdrop of our recent TISAX assessment, I was able to understand it even better – for example, how such an audit works, how many different types of audits there are, what prerequisites have to be created, which components are necessary, how much continuous work actually goes into it, and much more.

The proctor exam is also taken online. Conveniently, I was able to book an extra appointment for this, which fit well into my calendar. Similar to an in-person exam, I was monitored by a proctor via webcam and microphone, among other things. In addition, I had to “show” my room and my desk in this way before the start. Afterwards, I took the exam and was immediately informed of the result. I was also able to download the certificate promptly.



The implementation of the training courses and exams for at home are well done and are carried out by media-competent instructors. This makes it much easier to participate from home, despite the current conditions. Hopefully, this type of participation will also continue to be possible in the future for employees with families. Only the exchange and networking with other training participants is unfortunately somewhat scarce.

Janina Beckert
Janina is an IT consultant with a passion and loves a breath of fresh air in motorcycling as well as in project business.