Oracle Application Express (APEX)


We love APEX! For this reason, TRIOLOGY has a team of experts who work daily on different and exciting APEX projects and closely follow the ongoing development of Oracle technologies in order to be constantly up-to-date and to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers to their fullest satisfaction!

More information about APEX can be found here.

What is APEX?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform for creating data-centric or data-driven web applications. The name says it all: Business applications can be developed and deployed faster and more cost-effectively than with classic development technologies.

APEX is included as a free option in all current Oracle database licenses, including the completely free Oracle 18c Express Edition.

The low-code approach enables largely declarative development, allowing the developer to focus on the customer’s business case and functionality. Modern web components provide an attractive and user-friendly look & feel. The integration of self-created code for special solutions is supported as well as the connection of external data sources by means of modern interface technologies.

Thus, individual business requirements can be implemented and visualized very quickly with APEX. The concept also fits perfectly with a modern iterative project approach and enables short feedback loops.

Areas of application and features

Oracle APEX is a web-based development environment for a wide range of applications that brings together technologies such as SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS or Javascript declaratively.

Thanks to features like…

  • Rapidly developed and secure apps – fast updates and customizations
  • Modern, responsive and unified design – fully customizable
  • Connection of different data sources (Oracle and non-Oracle) with RESTful Services – Provisioning of data with APEX and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)
  • High-performance and comprehensive reporting with various report types, such as Interactive Report or Faceted Search
  • Easy data manipulation by the end user using forms

APEX is suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g.

  • Replace spreadsheets with centralized data storage (single point of truth)
  • Migration from Oracle Forms and obsolete technologies, such as MS Access
  • Reporting applications and dashboards for business and technical data
  • Custom development of individual business applications
  • Small applications as well as applications in the enterprise environment

Team introduction

Our APEX team of experts is aligned and in close information exchange with each other. We pursue the goal of developing any application according to known and self-confirmed best practices. It is important to us to let our customers participate in the development process, so that we can respond to specific requirements and wishes in a targeted manner and deliver visible and fast results to the customer.

Through different experiences in connection with varying application requirements, we have access to a large, common spectrum of knowledge. This enables us to respond specifically to each requirement, ideally implement our customers’ wishes and deliver valuable added value.

In addition, we actively participate in the constantly growing Oracle and APEX community, are participants and speakers at events and conferences, use the networks and thus permanently develop our knowledge further.


Oracle Partner

Oracle Partner

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DOAG e.V. Member

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