Implementation of a code review

to secure the client about the actual state of his application

The initial situation

TRIOLOGY GmbH was commissioned to conduct a code review for an application for the optimization and automation of business processes in logistics, based on code reviews that have already been conducted several times to the satisfaction of the customer. The review served to assure the client about the design of the application. Approximately 40,000 lines of code were analyzed using a static and manual analysis.

The solution

In addition to the evaluation of the general code style and the topicality of the libraries and technologies used, further focal points were set in the manual analysis in consultation with the client. Among other things, an architecture analysis was carried out, a consideration of the load scenario was made and source code-side security aspects were analyzed.
The analysis was divided into 3 parts:

  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Database

Each of the areas was analysed by an expert for the respective technologies used, in order to provide corresponding recommendations for action and suggestions for improvement for the further handling of the application.

The result

A document about the analysis with all aspects considered was delivered as the result type. In addition, the most important findings of the analysis were presented at a final meeting and the overall impression of the application was explained in a personal discussion.
Based on the results, the client was able to arrange for improvement measures and reworking before commissioning and final acceptance of the application. These measures and reworking were checked again by TRIOLOGY GmbH in a short static analysis before acceptance to secure the client’s decision.

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