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... because NSB GmbH & Co. KG accelerates the reporting in controlling with business intelligence solutions from TRIOLOGY.

Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG from Buxtehude is a service provider for charter and shipping lines and operates 112 container and tanker ships in six fleets. The ships are run commercially like companies and the capital to pay for them was provided by banks and issuing houses. NSB is responsible for all the operating costs associated with the ship – from the crew and the supplies through to lubricants and repairs – it needs to plan these in a reliable manner and provide documentation verifying the actual costs. Prompt and complete cost transparency is required as a result.

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The initial situation

Each of the 112 ships operated by NSB are run as if it were individual companies. The 99 container and 13 tanker ships are pooled in six fleets. On each fleet there is a type of “manager” – a head of the respective fleet. The department Personnel-Sea is responsible for crewing the ships. The Personnel-Sea department coordinates the staffing of the approx. 3,800 sailors, and ensures that they are present at the right harbour at the right time.

NSB also covers the commercial management of the ships. All invoices for the ships are booked, monthly invoices, quarterly financial statements and annual financial statements are generated. NSB sends the commercial data to the issuing houses on a quarterly basis, generates plan / actual comparisons and reports on the charter situation of the ships, in order that the shareholders are informed.

The solution

The first thing that NSB did was to establish a standard reporting, for which it used the interfaces developed by TRIOLOGY in order to assume the data from the financial accounting. In the next step analysis reports were created, with which the fleets could be exactly monitored. In red-green tables, the system generates cumulative comparisons on a monthly and year-to-date basis, with which the development of the operating costs for each ship and whether they are operating within budget can be viewed.


  • Design and implementation of a DWH on the basis of the booking data
  • Creation of standard reporting
  • Flexible tool for generating controlling key figures (through the technical department)
  • Linkage of various systems
  • Implementation of a tool for master data collection (APEX)

The result

In that moment when data are booked, nowadays these can be summarised as a report at the touch of a button – all of that in only five seconds. That used to take 45 minutes for each ship, that being said, it was only carried out every three months. With standard reporting, NSB now has also switched to a monthly reporting cycle.

Today, the holistic evaluation and consideration also allows comparisons between sister ships to be carried out far more easily, so that irregularities immediately become apparent and can be clarified. Causes, such as mistakes made during booking, become immediately apparent and can be corrected so that the data quality increases.

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