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... because thanks to the introduction of SugarCRM by TRIOLOGY GmbH, phæno visitors receive their personal programme offer sent directly to their home.

phæno gGmbH

phæno gGmbH in Wolfsburg is a science museum that makes the phenomena of the natural sciences and the principles of technology accessible in a playful and entertaining manner. The building was designed by Zaha Hadid and completed in 2005. Over 350 experiment stations are located on its 9,000 square meters. The phæno is one of the most popular attractions in the Wolfsburg region, attracting 180,000 visitors annually.

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The initial situation

The phæno offers visitors interesting facts from the worlds of the natural sciences and technology for all different interested groups. From kindergartens to elders, from companies to private individuals – just as varied as its visitors are the activities and events of the phæno. In order to remain up to date with the current programme of events even after visiting, the phæno offers its visitors a special service, which involves the phæno sending group-specific information material. The biggest challenge is probably posed by always providing each group of people with information that is relevant for them. Up to now, employees used various data sources for this purpose in order to assign the interested visitor groups to a certain visitor category. This extremely tedious and time-consuming process was to be simplified by a system which makes a holistic and clear administration possible.

The solution

TRIOLOGY GmbH implemented a web-based Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), which allows you to centrally administer all data records within a system. The technical implementation was carried out using SugarCRM, PHP and MySQL. The first step contained a configuration of the CRM system in which the input fields and the layout were adapted to meet the needs of the phæno. In the second step, the around 40,000 data records were prepared and entered. Following successful implementation, the employees received a detailed handbook, an introduction to SugarCRM and were given training on how to use the new software. TRIOLOGY GmbH has been commissioned with providing the maintenance and the support for the application, even after completing the CRM system.


  • Installation
  • Importing the various data sources into the new system
  • Creation of the design
  • Customization of the functions and input fields
  • Documentation
  • Up to today: Maintenance and support

The result

With the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management System, TRIOLOGY GmbH has been successful in installing a clear and easy-to-maintain data administration. All data records are now saved centrally and can be easily processed. Thanks to the system, individual data records as well as extensive lists can be generated corresponding to determined categories with just a click of the mouse. By setting up visitor categories, distribution lists for the respective topic-specific newsletters can be drawn up in very little time. This special service makes it possible to provide those interested visitors with more individualised information more quickly. The expansion and installation of further interfaces are planned.

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