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... because with the SQ² configurator from TRIOLOGY, every drummer has already seen his individual drumset on the web at SONOR.


SONOR GmbH & Co. KG produces percussion instruments of the highest possible quality and precision and is today represented in almost every country in the world. The workshop was founded in Bad Berleburg in 1875 for the production of drum-heads and simple military drums; the company today offers drumming instruments for drums, percussion, marching music, concert and Orff, as well as corresponding accessories.

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The initial situation

The drums series SQ² is the premium series from SONOR. Thanks to an almost unlimited selection of snare drums of different sizes, designs and finishes, this is the most individual and, as a result, most exclusive set of drums that Sonor has ever built. Due to the number of different variations, a possibility was to be found to display them, and beyond this, to accompany the configuration process in a targeted manner.

The solution

A web-based configurator with graphic processing of all possible configuration variations was created for the customers, as well as a comprehensive administration area for Sonor. Therefore, the merchandise management system was connected via an automated interfaces. The technical implementation was carried out using PHP, Javascript Ajax and MySQL.


  • Technical and functional conception
  • Architecture
  • Creation of the design
  • Development
  • Second- and third-level support

The result

With the SQ² configurator, TRIOLOGY GmbH has been successful in developing an attractive and intuitive tool that offers customers the possibility of individually adapting their instruments. Besides the configuration of a set of drums made up of individual components, the tool makes it possible to illustrate the entire ordering process from specialist retailers, to generation of the bills of material and the price calculation. Due to the connection of the merchandise system from SONOR, the tool furthermore provides important information about the purchasing behaviour.

The configurator was in use from 2006 to 2017.

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