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The phæno gGmbH in Wolfsburg is a science museum and offers playful and entertaining access to the phenomena of natural science and the principles of technology.<br/> In the building, designed by star architect Zaha Hadid and completed in 2005, more than 350 experiment stations are presented over an area of 9,000 square meters. With 180,000 visitors annually, the phæno is considered one of the most popular attractions in the Wolfsburg region.


The initial situation

The phæno offers its visitors interesting facts about science and technology for a wide range of interest groups. From kindergartens to senior citizens' groups, from companies to private individuals - phænos' events are as diverse as its visitors.

In order to keep you informed about the current program after your visit, phæno offers its visitors a special service: the mailing of group-specific information material. Providing the various interest groups with the programs that are relevant to them was probably the greatest challenge. Previously, staff members accessed various data sources for this purpose in order to assign the interest groups to a visitor category accordingly. This extremely tedious and time-consuming process should be simplified by a system that enables uniform and clear administration.



The solution

TRIOLOGY GmbH implemented a web-based customer relationship management system (CRM), which enables the central management of all data records within one system. The technical implementation was carried out using SugarCRM, PHP and MySQL. The first step included a configuration of the CRM, in which the input fields and the display were adapted according to the requirements of the phænos.<br/> In the second step, the approximately 40,000 data records were prepared and imported. After successful implementation, employees received an introduction to SugarCRM in addition to a detailed manual and were familiarized with the new software. Even after completion of the CRM system, TRIOLOGY GmbH has been commissioned with maintenance and support for the application.


> Installation

> Importing the various data sources into the new system.

> design creation

> Customization of functions and input fields.

> Second- und Third-Level-Support

> Until today: Maintenance and Support



The result

With the implementation of a customer relationship management system, TRIOLOGY GmbH has succeeded in setting up a clear and easy-to-maintain data management system. All data records are now stored centrally in one place and can be edited effortlessly. Thanks to the system, individual records can be displayed with a mouse click as well as extensive lists can be generated according to defined categories.<br/> By creating visitor categories, distribution lists for the respective topic-specific newsletters can thus be created in the shortest possible time. This special service now makes it possible to provide interested parties with information even more quickly and individually. The expansion and establishment of further interfaces are planned.


What our customers say

With the new address database of TRIOLOGY the regular phæno news are communicated to all phæno friends and target groups - fast and uncomplicated! A real reduction in workload! TRIOLOGY's employees have become familiar with the processes of our company. The interaction was extremely positive and always in the language of the users. We are planning further projects with TRIOLOGY - a positive start with a new partner.

Nadine Traue, Team Communication of phæno gGmbH

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