We love APEX!

For this reason, TRIOLOGY has a team of experts who work daily on different and exciting APEX projects and closely follow the ongoing development of Oracle technologies in order to be constantly up-to-date and to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers to their full satisfaction!

We create added value through

Oracle APEX

Our APEX team of experts is coordinated and closely exchanges information with each other. We pursue the goal of developing any applications according to known and self-validated best practices. It is important to us to let you participate in the development process, so that we can respond to specific requirements and wishes in a targeted manner and deliver visible and fast results to the customer.

Different experiences combined with varying application requirements give us access to a large, shared spectrum of knowledge. This enables us to respond specifically to each requirement, ideally implement your wishes and deliver valuable added value.

In addition, we actively participate in the constantly growing Oracle and APEX community, are participants and speakers at events and conferences, use the networks and thus permanently develop our knowledge further.

Our services

  • APEX Consulting
  • Product development
  • Individual software development
  • Migration to Oracle APEX
  • Oracle database development
  • Database Testing


Presentation at APEX Connect 2020

Our APEX experts gave a presentation on "Naming Templates with Data Modeler" at the online conference. For database models, different approaches exist for naming objects. While names for tables can usually be derived sensibly from the subject matter, the dependent objects are often neglected, which can quickly make things confusing. It therefore makes sense to assign systematic names that indicate function and affiliation. Read more

Real World Testing of PL/SQL Code

On ASK TOM, our experts Maik and Swathi talk about how APEX helps them run more effective tests with their topic "run and monitor utPLSQL tests with APEX" starting at 25:00.

Category: APEX / Oracle

Go to on-premise conferences again!

The year is coming to an end in a couple of hours. Today is New Year’s Eve and I am sitting here in my holidays at the Baltic Sea, reading and evaluating some abstracts for the APEX Connect 2023 in Berlin, while waiting for the "big" party.

Maik Becker
Data Consulting

+49. 531. 23 528-50


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