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Go to on-premise conferences again!

The year is coming to an end in a couple of hours. Today is New Year’s Eve and I am sitting here in my holidays at the Baltic Sea, reading and evaluating some abstracts for the APEX Connect 2023 in Berlin, while waiting for the "big" party.

Multilanguage database applications using Oracle APEX

Hello Everyone! If you are a DBA/PLSQL guru but are not familiar with traditional web development, then Oracle APEX is one of the best option. In this context, if you are trying to build a multilanguage application with Oracle APEX then this article should give an overview and understanding of how the translation mechanism that is built-in to Oracle APEX works, and how you should handle it. It is based on Oracle Application Express 18.1 version.

Naming conventions in Oracle databases

Naming conventions are an important part of coding conventions. Naming conventions are the rules for how “things” are named. In the case of a database, the “things” being named are schema objects such as tables, sequences, indexes, views, triggers as well as constraints. In a database it is essential to choose names with particular care.