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Quality controls and security are two important aspects of software development that we encounter on a daily basis.

Due to the requirements and demands of the customer in conjunction with the demands we make of ourselves to do excellent work, our developers are highly motivated to deliver top-quality software and code. The OpenSource-Tool SonarQube can support this quality guarantee. With the help of the tool that is used with TRIOLOGY, the source code can be analysed with respect to the various quality areas, and this allows different types of faults and their sources to be identified.

Our colleague Josha also uses SonarQube in his daily work in order to examine the code quality, and this represents a fundamental element of his projects.
I asked Josha a couple of questions in relation to SonarQube.

  • Josha, why is SonarQube so important in the software development?
    If you want a team of developers to create maintainable software, a common value system and quality standards need to agreed upon. In this context I repeatedly experience the importance of quality controls and guarantees for my work on a daily basis.


  • What motivated you to give a presentation on code analysis?
    The daily use of SonarQube motivated me to give the presentation on the practical applications of the tool. The presentation allowed me to pass on my experiences and knowledge to colleagues, while also fostering the exchange of experiences which helped me broaden my own horizons in this respect. And it’s fun to share my experiences and tips. I like to go to Java User Group events as a guest and regard it as being very beneficial to immerse myself in the different topics and problem solutions.


  • What can we learn from your presentation?
    The participants get insights into metrics and analysis processes. I furthermore provide information and explain approaches such as how the tool is integrated into the normal working day and analysis results can be interpreted.


  • How do you assess the added value resulting from code analysis?
    One of the most important basics of creating software is that the majority of time is required in order to understand code. And this means that it is important to get to a point where a high level of quality is demanded. The code analysis is helpful when it comes to quality assurance and is an important building block that should never be neglected.

Josha has worked as a software developer since 2008 and has specialised in the development of Enterprise Applications in the Java and Oracle environment. His focus within this again is on maintenance and system design.
In his free time, Josha is heavily involved in the computer community and can be regularly met at Hackerspace Stratum 0 as well as at Hacktalk Braunschweig.

Josha has written a blog article on the topic touched on above and which has already been published here. For those who would like more information on the use of SonarQube in development projects, can do just that by experiencing our IT experts live in Hamburg (05.04.2107) or in Hanover (12.04.2017).

We look forward to many interested visitors, listeners and stimulating discussions.

An overview of the dates on the topic “Statistical Code Analysis with SonarQube”:

  • April the 5th, 2017 | 7 pm
    Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Berliner Tor 5, Hamburg (Hörsaal 01.12) | Java User Group Hamburg

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